The ordinary is alive

It’s true that people are going to be critical about your new venture. It’s also possible that you may want to give up even before you start. But the fact is that if you manage to keep it going, nothing like it. I have learned, with my experience of two years, that practically anyone can start a venture, be extremely passionate about it, and create social media publicity, but only those startups succeed that are productive and consistent. Period.

In the past, there used to be days when I didn’t write for days at a stretch telling myself that words must just flow and it in fact wasn’t the right time to write. Truth be told, there is never a ‘time’ to write. When ideas strike you, whether in the bathroom, just before sleeping, in between a movie or even during your jogs. Record it somehow. Save it. It could change your life!

It was one such idea that led me to start Writing Ordinary. The intention was to give my writings a platform for reach and to get feedback. It was just me at first, but soon, it turned into a community and people from far and wide, started sharing their writings and it was not only heartwarming but also enriching! I was overwhelmed from reading so many brilliant pieces right from writers to amateur writers and even non writers.

writing-groupsI have, in cases more than one, been made to feel that since I am good at writing, it’s not difficult or requires any effort to do what I’m doing. It’s especially hard when you’re going solo, to handle this kind of negativity, but to ignore it is the only cure. You might not have the support of a team, but sure enough, there will come some very special individuals who will inspire you, make you sense the accomplishments you’ve made, make you feel worthy of your efforts and teach you self love.

They may not be your direct friends, and you may not even have met or interacted with them but they’ll be real just like their vibes. They will be your constant companions and though you make the journey on your own, you’ll never walk, or rather, you’ll never write alone.

Writing Ordinary completed two years on February 2, 2016 and I thank all those who read, like, share and contribute in any way to my love of sheer writing.

The ordinary is alive and it’s beautiful.

About Tasneem Sayani

Tasneem Sayani, 23, is a counsellor in the making and is presently sensitising kids to become goal oriented by making academics within their reach and capacity.

~ Edited by Aamil Syed


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