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Ever thought of watching a movie alone? Well, I never really thought about it because, hey, who watches movies alone? In the beginning of 2014, when I started working, I did not have the slightest idea that my job would need me to review movies; I had joined the company as a content writer. But that’s exactly what they wanted me to do and that’s what I did.

The first time I went to a theater all by myself, I prayed that I shouldn’t find a single familiar face there. After all, I didn’t want them to think that I was a loser who had nobody to watch movies with. Luckily, there weren’t many people in the cinema hall. The movie started and soon I realized that I was surrounded only by couples! Around five to six of them enjoying their popcorn and doing things they can do only behind closed doors or inside dimly lit theaters where awkward lonely movie-goers can see them in the glow of the screen.

Movie Night

Although the couples were great, the movie turned out to be really terrible and I felt really weird because this was the first time that I had watched a movie alone and it had sucked so much! But that was just the beginning. My editor kept on sending me for movie reviews and as initially I was a little too nervous, I used to ask my friends to accompany me. They obviously refused, because that’s what friends are for, to break your heart when your boss sends you to pathetic movies alone.

If you’ve followed so far, you know that I really didn’t like watching movies alone. But solitude is like good wine, that gets better with time. As I watched more movies alone, I slowly overcame the stigma of the act started to play along. I developed my own little ways of deriving pleasure from the experience. I realized that being alone didn’t just allow me to experience the film without distractions, but it was also some ‘me time’ for me. In the middle of some film scene, I would catch myself reminiscing about myself and my life and also gave me an opportunity to reflect on it. It also gave me a feeling that yes, I could do this on my own and I didn’t need anyone’s help.

Be it watching a movie or shopping alone, you don’t need another person to make you happy. Being independent allows you to come face to face with your vulnerabilities and discover who you truly are. So, take time out for yourself, and enjoy your company!

About Snehal Rajani

Snehal is a twenty-something girl who thinks studying in South Bombay was one of the best decisions of her life. It gave her the much needed exposure and the confidence to do things independently. Currently, she works as an Entertainment Correspondent at

(edited by Aamil Syed)



  1. Not everyone can appreciate a good movie. Not everyone can shop like you can. Somethings are better done by yourself, only then can choices be understood. No distractions and no one but you to enjoy

    Great one Snehal!


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