Majha Clinic!

My “Ekla Chalo ” adventure began two years back when I decided to start my own dental clinic.

I was 23 years old and had just finished my college. Though I was working under a dentist during my internship, I was not very clear about my next step. My mind kept running back and forth between getting a Masters or a job. I finally decided to get a job under an experienced dentist. But two months down the line, I wasn’t quite happy about where my career was headed. I felt that I was stagnating. So I finally decided to start my own clinic. It was a very impulsive decision and almost everyone advised me against it. I sat down and spoke to my parents about it and being the most amazing parents that they are, they understood my dreams and asked me to go ahead with my clinic plan.

I started looking for places where I could set up my practice. After a lot of surveying, I decided to start my clinic in Ulwe. Ulwe is 15 kms away from my place and the road leading to it is a national highway. Driving everyday on an Activa between all the trailers was a very difficult ordeal. The initial few months passed away in excitement and hopefulness. But then the reality set in.

There were endless days when I would sit in an empty room for nine hours daily, waiting for patients to come.There were months when managing to pay the rent seemed a distant dream. The biggest hiccup was language barrier. Majority of my patients were Maharashtrians and my marathi wasn’t very clear. There were a lot of water and electricity issues too. Being the pampered child of the family, I wasn’t used to managing these problems by myself. It was a constant battle between losing hope and holding on to it. I realised handling patients, treating them, managing the clinic wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. But I could not have not tried at all. Moreover, I know that once I had tried, giving up will not be an option.

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Today, I’ve completed almost two years at my clinic and I speak marathi like a boss! The real moment of happiness is when I see that spark of pride in my parent’s eyes when they tell people how their daughter is running a clinic of her own.Today when I walk around in Ulwe and people smile at me and greet me, that is when I know that all the struggle has been totally worth it!

About Dr. Ruchika Sajwan:

This dentist is an outspoken and a confident lady. When she isn’t extracting people’s teeth,she runs marathons. She spends a lot of time backflipping from life’s problems.



  1. welldone Ruchika! I just curious about that why are you choose Ulve for Open your clinic?
    I know your determination and mental strength is so high since you were in JHAS.



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