Stumbling to Prague

My ‘Ekla Chalo’ adventure happened a few years back when I had no choice but to visit my family in Prague by myself. There were some definite bouts of tension because I had never taken an international flight alone before. A million questions zoomed in my head: What if I don’t reach on time? What happens if I miss my connecting flight? Anyway, if you’re wondering how I pushed myself to just do it, I did not! I realized I didn’t have another option.

So, when the night finally arrived, I WAS FREAKING OUT! Forget travelling alone, I didn’t even know how to pack my suitcase! My parents kept calling about last minute additions to my bulging bag. I was all over the place when my little toe had the sudden urge to kiss the corner of my bed- BANG!

That did it! I broke down and cried for a full ten minutes, let off some steam, calmed myself and jumped into it again.

When it was time to leave, I got into a cab (apni regular kali peeli fiat). Really shady driver by the way! To make it worse, the cab was super dingy and felt like it would fall apart any moment. I reached the airport and went straight to the check-in counter. While I waited for my bag to get checked in, this really cute flight attendant walked towards me… gosh, I almost said “Hoo!” (Amy Farrah Fowler, Big Bang Theory reference).

Anyway, after all of that I took my immigration form and started walking towards my gate. While in line for immigration, I realized I hadn’t collected my boarding passes… SHIT! I ran back to the counter, where hottie was waiting with a super sexy grin and a look that said, “I knew you’d be back!” I was mortified and how!

The flight was great; I found an entire 3 seats empty row by the window and it was all mine for the next 9 hours. The flight food was decent or I probably felt so because of the good movie options. Just before landing, I was woken up to a refreshingly hot towel, I cannot even begin to describe that incredible feeling! I think the best part of travelling alone was no awkward conversations with anyone.

Standing in line for visa checking at the layover stop, I found Mini Mathur and her family also waiting right next to me. Although she’s no Shahrukh Khan, I found myself looking at them. A lot.  At all of them. She had real cute kiddos!

Later, I found myself waiting, all alone, at 7ish in the morning at Munich airport. Not a soul around me! I really thought I was at the wrong gate. Also, that awkward moment when you lug a 7kg cabin bag wherever you go, including toilet stalls!

As I sat there waiting, this really nice Japanese version of Mark Zuckerberg-kinda guy sat right across me and started to have a conversation. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a very tough accent to understand. He was on business, going to Prague as well, and showed me his entire booklet full of new ideas and designs for his business. Incase you’re wondering (you’re probably not, but I get a kick out of this), I am a counselling psychology student and we are blessed with listening skills! It’s almost like a self-taken oath to nod and show interest no matter what! Anyway, this guy then disappeared for about 20 minutes and then came running wrong way down the escalator screaming! Apparently, my gate had changed and we were the only ones in the wrong place! For some reason, he had his arm stretched out towards me like he wanted me to grab it…  as if!!!

The whole experience of this flight to Prague was super awesome! Firstly, because it was so quick and I had a window seat. Secondly, Europeans are so big, strong and adult-like, and I looked like a cute brown kid, and the attendant was very nice to me!

I had finally landed, got my luggage, met my dad and went home!

I think, women tend to be so intimidated by doing things all by themselves, so the only message I would like to give my fellow sisters is:  “Ja Simran. Jee le apni zindagi”. 😛

About Ekta Kamath:

This Psychology student binges on both food and TV. She is a level-headed ambivert with a few close friends. When she is not procrastinating, she conquers the world with her sense of humour, and also maybe a “few” boys.



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