Treat Thyself!

When I first came across this page, I went in a flashback, recounting the many places that I went alone; not because I didn’t have an option of taking somebody with me, but because I wanted to. Then I read Shalini’s post and that inspired me! Of course going for a solo trip and having a meal at a restaurant are two different and vastly distinctive courses, but the point is the same- SOLO! When Ekla Chalo’s facebook page first shooted its question about which movie did we watch alone for the first time, I blankly replied, 3 idiots! And then I realized maybe I have watched that with my dad, considering I was 17 at the time the movie was released and I was not allowed to go to theatres. I searched my mail to check which was my first movie, but got lost, I have seen so many alone! So today I am going to share a different story.

(I am writing after years, so please excuse me if my English seems under par.)

It was 14th Feb 2015. Yes, we all know this date! Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers. So, on that day I happened to be at my hometown, Kolkata. I tried taking my mom out with me but she’s one lazy person (and I got that from her).  I thought, why not treat myself? I mean it’s a lovely day and I surely love myself. Without much thought, I took the metro and found myself standing behind almost 20 couples at Peter Cat (one of the famous restaurants in Kolkata). I went up to the manager to book my table and he gave me a weird look, not to mention he asked me thrice if anybody would be joining me. The third time it became pretty annoying and I clearly asked him, ‘if you’re so interested, would you like to join me?’

Chicken sizzlers and Cosmopolitan drink!

After waiting for 45 minutes, I finally got a table. I ordered for my favourite chicken sizzlers and my favourite drink, a cosmopolitan. Trust me, every other couple in the other tables were giving me this stare instead of enjoying their time with each other. Poor people! While I enjoyed my delicious meal and the uninvited attention, I kept thinking, why is it so weird if a girl goes out and has a meal by herself? Or goes for a movie alone? Or shops alone? Or travels alone? If a guy does that, it’s okay and if a girl does that, she has to face weird looks or ignore judgemental eyes as if ‘kitni badi galti kar di’.

Sometimes it is necessary to venture out alone and have a cup of coffee alone, and while you’re at it, don’t use your phone to ignore the glances. Enjoy the attention! Their loss, your gain! So get out and treat yourself, you don’t need a tag all the time, you’re not 12 anymore. Go out independently, not only does it make you break your mental barriers but it also makes you feel really good!      

About Ayantika Das

This young and vibrant HR professional is outspoken, confident and bubbly. What’s more? She is looking for a miracle, just like most of us.



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