Let’s hike!

I’ve been living in Bombay for a year and a half now. Before coming I had done my research on what all places I could visit with my friends during long weekends.

Maharashtra is a beautiful state and I had been waiting to explore. Well then what stopped me? Depending on people, making a plan but never really implementing it and lastly, not getting the time to actually go and many more such excuses.

And of late I’ve been loving the time I spend all by myself. I’ve been to movies and dinners all alone. So I decided why not go for a solo trek to Prabalgarh. I packed my bag and left my house. Of course! I had done some pre-work. like asking some friends around. I took a train to Panvel and went to the local bus depot there. I then asked people around for the bus that would go to Thakurwadi.


Everyone looked at me with surprise and interrogated about my plans. I was more than happy to answer as I love small talks. The bus conductor asked me one last time before I got off the bus, if I was sure I wanted to climb the mountain. I said of course (smiling ear to ear)and went ahead. It was a difficult and tiring trek but the feeling of being on top was quite rewarding. Also, the whole experience cost me just 180 Rupees. Quite an exciting Sunday, I must say.

About Lalitha Ayyapan:
She is a TFI Fellow from Delhi, working hard to bring cheer to her students! An extrovert who loves music, she spends a considerable amount of time getting out of problems.

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